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Body Contouring

Minimal Discomfort with More Rapid Return to Normal Activity

Is it possible to remove unwanted fat with a method that is safer, virtually painless, affordable, and aesthetically effective? With the `tumescent technique', in which liposculpture is performed in the office under local anesthesia and light sedation, the answer is now a definite `yes'. This innovative method, developed by a California dermatologist and perfected by Dr. Swinehart since 1987, eliminates much of the risk associated in the past with liposuction - namely, bleeding, infection, high cost, and need for hospitalization. In addition, patients are now often able to return to work or normal activity in a matter of one to three days, in contrast to the lengthy recovery time required in years past.

What makes this procedure safer, more effective, and aesthetically pleasing?

After you have been lightly sedated, a relatively large volume of normal saline (sodium chloride) containing dilute local anesthetic with epinephrine (adrenaline) and bicarbonate (to prevent stinging) is instilled into the fatty areas with a blunt probe ("Klein Cannula"). Even though few nerve endings are present in fatty areas of the body, this solution minimizes even further the pain and bleeding formerly associated with the procedure. Once the areas are numb, the fat is suctioned through a `cannula' (hollow tube) attached to a suction pump. Amazingly, the entire procedure is performed through a tiny incision only approximately 1/8" long, leaving a minimal scar. The treated areas are carefully inspected by Dr. Swinehart for symmetry and evenness during and after the procedure. At its conclusion, a dressing and `binder' are applied, and you are then free to return home!

I've seen this procedure on "20-20" in the spring of 1995 and 1996. Can I have this procedure performed in Denver?

This national TV program featured Jeff Klein, a California Dermatologist who originated the "tumescent technique" in 1985. ("Tumescence" means swelling with fluid). Dr. Swinehart has performed tumescent liposculpture on hundreds of patients since 1987, performing up to five cases per week. "20-20" felt obligated to inform its viewers that this body contouring method, now taught by dermatologists to other specialists, can be performed in a safe, aesthetic manner.