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Where is your excessive sweating? Click on red text for description of treatment
Available Treatment(s): Tumescent Technique, Drysol®, and Iontophoresis
Palms of Hands
Available Treatment(s): Botox®, or Iontophoresis
Soles of Feet
Available Treatment(s): Botox®, or Iontophoresis
Available Treatment(s): Drysol®, or Certain-Dri®
Body or Back
Available Treatment(s): Botox®, Drysol®, or Thoracic Sympathectomy

How bad is your sweating?
Mild to Moderate
Worst When I Exercise Or It Is Hot
Random Times, Especially Under Stress
Debilitating Or Nearly All The Time (Interfering With My Life)

Previous Therapy
Drysol Certain-Dri
Iontophoresis("Electric Pads") Thoracic Sympathectomy

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